James is a 23 year old  emerging artist living in Boise. Though he doesn't have any formal training in illustration, he has something he considers just as valuable: Endless hours of mind boggling practice. Using the traditional pen and ink method, his style consists of clean lines with the added of effect of well planned stippling, giving his work a certain nostalgic VHS grain feel. He is inspired by the great sequential artists like Will Eisner, and Jack Kirby, and cartoons like the X-Men animated series and the Simpsons. James has a goal to sooner or later form a full time career in comic book art, with a splash of outside illustration, and graphic design work to keep it interesting. Jack Kirby once said "Kid, Comics will break your heart" To which James replies "Let them try".

Skills and services

  • Sequential art

  • graphic designs (t-shirts, hats, logos, etc)

  • Poster art

  • Concept art

  • Character Design